Ways to Evaluate a Candidate’s Growth Potential


Hiring for top talent is always a priority for businesses. But how do you assess growth potential in the initial interview process? During this time, you’re learning more about the candidates and their background and experience. You may even be asking about their accomplishments to give you an idea of how they benefited their previous employers. But how do you gauge potential? There are a few questions you can ask that will shed some light on how they may continue to develop as an employee.

Tell Me About a Time When You Had to Adapt

In today’s business climate, adaptation is essential. Whether it’s customer needs or new technology, someone unwilling to adapt will fall behind quickly.

But what you want to see in an interview is how quickly someone thinks on their feet when they’re answering this question. If they can give you a good solid answer from their previous experience, it will go a long way to demonstrating how they adapt.

What Do You enjoy Learning About?

If you want to get to know the candidate more without asking illegal or inappropriate questions, this is a great start. They may be encouraged to share things that aren’t just about the job at hand but what makes them a more well-rounded person.

Even if they are applying for an accounting position but enjoy learning about coding, you will see that they are interested in problem solving. Even if they never use that skill on the job, it helps keep them engaged.

What Has Been Your Favorite Work Project?

Give your candidate a chance to brag about an accomplishment within the framework of their favorite project. When someone really enjoys what they’re doing, they light up. You’ll see what really makes them tick.

This can also give you an idea of how they will fit in with your team. What makes them excited? What do they like to do on the job?

How Do You Describe Your Dream Job?

Finally, rather than asking them where they see themselves in five years, find out about their dream job. Many job seekers will tailor this to be reflective of your company, and that’s still okay. Their answer can give you a lot of insight on what they want to do.

It can also give you an idea of how to structure the position to make top talent happy on the job. With their dedication and skill, you may be able to make their dream job happen.

Are you looking for employees who want to grow with your company?

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