Scientific Research on Identifying High-Potential Employees


Most people think of hiring as an art form, but did you know there was science to it as well? Studies are showing how investing in the right employee makes it possible to maximize the returns of any given organization. So, what does this mean? What is the research showing when it comes to identifying high-potential employees and making them an offer? What are the markers of high-performing employees? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Ability: Ultimately, you need to answer the question: Is the candidate able to do the job they’re expected to perform? The easiest way to determine this is through basic skills testing to ensure they are able to do the tasks required for the job. However, there is also potential to consider regarding their ability to learn skills to do this job or future jobs within your company. The biggest factors in determining this ability are cognitive skills and the motivation to achieve more.
  • Social Skills: Social skills have always been important but their significance is increasing. With more businesses becoming driven by collaboration, understanding how a candidate will interact with others will give you a better sense of how they can fit into your company. At its core, this is how the candidate gets along with others and gains their support. But there are two specific aspects to look at for your candidates. You need to evaluate their ability to manage themselves and their ability to manage others. This is best determined through emotional intelligence, which can be measured through a variety of personality assessments.
  • Drive: Finally, you have to evaluate the general drive of the candidate to succeed. This is assessed by their overall motivation and their will to achieve their goals and get things done. Potential is viewed as talent multiplied by drive. There are a variety of tests that can help determine someone’s potential and motivation levels, which will give you a better understanding of what kind of role they’ll take in your organization not just at first but over time.

Can science help you find the top candidates for your next open position?

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