How to Use Social Media Effectively to Land Your Next Job


Love it or hate it, social media is not a passing fad. Both recruiters and job seekers use it to find candidates or jobs. Even with some of the recent concerns around Facebook, the platform for connecting with others is not going anywhere anytime soon. And today, that means many job seekers are using these online tools to help them connect with employers and find new jobs. If you’re uncertain how to use your social media to find a job, we have a few tips to get you started.

  • Update and improve your profile. Regardless of the specific social media platform you use, your profile is what will make your first impression. When using LinkedIn for example, it’s critical your profile includes a professional photo, a strong headline and is complete. On Facebook, you can create a public professional page separate from your personal account. With Twitter, keep your bio short and professional.
  • Turn on LinkedIn Open Candidate. LinkedIn offers a special feature many people don’t know about. It changes the entire game for confidential job seekers. In the past, job seekers were worried about using LinkedIn to find a job for fear their current employer would discover they were searching. Open candidate changed all that. Under “Jobs” on the main page turn on the option to let recruiters find you. This will only allow recruiters paying for a professional account to find you on LinkedIn.
  • Check Facebook Jobs. Facebook has their own feature for matching companies to candidates. will give you access to this feature. The page will pull up the top jobs in your area or you can use the search tool to enter specific criteria. You can set filters as well to help the tool better understand what you’re looking for professionally.
  • Take advantage of networking. If your job search is public, make it more public. Let everyone know you’re on the market for a job. Post on your social networks and ask for connections within the community. Follow and participate in groups on LinkedIn that match your location or industry. People active in the community get more notice than someone who is not.

Are you using social media to help you find your next job opportunity?

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