Turn Your Employees Into Future Leaders


Your company is already filled with future leaders. You don’t have to hire management positions to ensure that the leadership of tomorrow is cultivated. How can you turn your current employees into future leaders? There are a variety of ways for your management team to help your staff develop their leadership skills. This can be done through learning how to network, giving them the right experiences and more. Here are some strategies you can apply to your business today to develop your future leaders.

  • Teach networking. Networking is a skill everyone needs, but not everyone cultivates. It can be especially difficult when someone is shy, introverted or worse if they have some level of social anxiety. As a manager, you can teach what you know about networking in order to demystify the experience for your team.
  • Provide new challenges. If you start to notice your team is disengaged or dissatisfied with their jobs, it’s time to provide new challenges. You may think a future leader should ask for what they want, but they may not begin to thrive until you notice a need and ensure it is being filled.
  • Allow them to struggle. A mark of a good leader is knowing how to overcome challenges. It’s easy to want to jump in and help out when you notice someone struggling on a project, but sometimes what they really need is to be left to figure it out on their own. Provided the delay doesn’t cause a major problem in your business, give them room to struggle.
  • Be a mentor. As a leader, you can share your insights with your team in a mentorship capacity. You can talk to them about how you got to your position, what you did along the way, successes and even failures. This kind of professional relationship can help people learn to become the leaders they want to be in the future.
  • Encourage ownership. Finally, you want to make sure your team feels a sense of ownership over their projects and work. If they feel their investment and leadership matters, they will be much more interested in providing quality work at a high level. Ownership means both the good and bad, so they need to make a contribution that will positively affect the outcome.

Do you want to cultivate leaders in your business?

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