Have You Not Been Getting Called for Job Interviews?


You’ve done everything you can, right? You’ve been submitting your resume to open positions all over town, but you’re not getting any calls. Why not? What is happening? Why aren’t companies interested in your background and experience? The answer may be more complicated than you think, and there may be something you can do about it. If you’re not getting called back, here are a few things you can reevaluate as you apply.

  • You didn’t personalize your cover letter. You may be thinking that the job posting didn’t have a contact name, so how can you personalize a cover letter? This is where homework might be helpful. You may be able to look on LinkedIn to see the person in the company who may be in charge of hiring this position. In any case, never address it “To Whom It May Concern.” Even if you don’t know the name, simply write Good Morning or Good Afternoon.
  • You didn’t double check your attachments. If nothing is attached, or the document won’t open or there is no related text in the body of the email, a recruiter won’t bother. There are too many possible scams or viruses that start with a blank email and an attachment that looks like a resume. Instead, personalize your email, make sure your resume is attached before sending, and use a Word Doc or PDF to ensure everyone can open it.
  • You didn’t follow all the directions. Did the job posting ask for anything specific to be included in your application or email? If you didn’t follow these directions, you won’t be considered for a follow-up call. Recruiters and hiring managers will include these requests to see if candidates can follow their instructions. It’s a test. If you don’t pass, they will slip your application into the “No” pile.
  • You’re online profiles aren’t engaging. We live in a world where social media is king. If a recruiter is interested in your resume, they may do a quick Google search to learn a little more about you. Anything that’s public is fair game. So if you have Twitter, make sure you maintain professionalism on the site. For Facebook, look at your privacy settings and make sure whatever is public is showing you in a professional light. Also, don’t forget about your professional profile at LinkedIn.

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