Tips for Creating a Company Culture That Supports Business Goals


Your company culture and your long-term business goals are two sides of the same coin. As a manager, it’s essential you create a workplace that encourages your team to participate and advances your mission. So, how do you ensure your goals and office culture are aligned properly? And how do you make sure your existing team and new hires will feel the same way about their personal and professional accomplishments on the job? Here are several ideas you can implement today.

  1. Value work/Life balance. It might sound strange to start a list about company culture with something not specifically related to the workplace, but it is more important than you realize. Gone are the days where employees are happy working long, thankless hours. Or, at least, they didn’t complain about it. That’s a good thing. Paying attention to the personal needs of your employees is the first step to ensuring they will work toward the mutual goals of the business.
  2. Offer fun experiences. A surprise now and again can help get the creative juices flowing for your team. These little things can help push people toward innovation that can give a shot to your long-term business goals. What these are will depend on your specific company culture, such as a “bring your dog to work” day or a hackathon.
  3. Be a mentor. As a manager, you can provide more than just leadership in your company. Mentorships are important to career development, especially for younger employees from the millennial generation. They want to see someone who has advanced their career in their chosen field and learn from your successes and mistakes. By being a mentor, or creating a mentorship program within your office, you can develop a culture that focuses on advancement.
  4. Provide goal recognition. Individual goals and contributions are important small steps to lead to the bigger company-wide goals. Create a culture that recognizes when someone makes an important contribution to the company, no matter how small. Showing the entire team how each person makes an important difference will go a long way toward encouraging everyone to contribute to individual goals and long-term success.

Do you want to improve your company culture to advance your business goals?

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