How to Identify Top Performers in Your Company


Finding the best employees is an intricate dance between yourself and the candidates who have applied for your company. But once they’re on your staff, your work isn’t done. You need to determine the top employees and work on continued engagement with their job and your company. One important trait of a top performer is their dedication to quality. They have a desire to grow and take on new challenges along the way. So, how can you determine which talented team members are your top performers? Here are a few things to consider.

  1. They focus on communication. Our highly digitized world has changed the nature of interpersonal communication. Many people rely on their computers and smartphones to interact with the world around them. You can even observe this with groups sitting together all buried in their smartphones. But someone with leadership skills will know when to put their devices away and concentrate on the people in the room.
  2. They are willing to learn from mistakes. We can’t always control the events of a situation, but we can control our reactions. If a person spends more time blaming others or avoiding responsibility for failure, they are not likely a top performer. Look for someone who is willing to say they made a mistake, learn from it and move forward.
  3. They can keep their cool. Composure incorporates more than just not losing your temper. It is a reflection of how a person conducts themselves in groups or in public. Are they nervous, fidgety or otherwise distracted? A top performer can focus on the situation at hand and not let their mind wander. They don’t get easily agitated, nervous or bored on the job.
  4. They don’t fake it. It’s common to believe that someone can “fake it until they make it,” but that’s only half the truth. Top performers understand that recognition comes when they perform the best possible job with all the best possible tools and outcomes. They won’t draw attention to themselves with artificial accomplishments or inflated ego boosts. They’re humble and genuine.
  5. They can manage stress. Stress is going to happen on the job no matter how much you try to mitigate it. A quickly approaching deadline, an office emergency or even the end of the day can provide a good indicator of how an individual handles a stress. A top performer can take these complications and work with them. They understand that multitasking is not the same as prioritizing.

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