How to Advance Your Nursing Career


There are many options for advancement within a career in nursing. They might include investing in your education, utilizing your networks or developing mentor relationships. No matter where you are in your career, there will be opportunities ahead of you. If you feel stuck or you wonder what the next level is for the future, there are some things you can start doing now to make a difference. Here are four steps you can take to advance your goals and nursing career.

  • Make education a priority. Regardless of your specific field of interest, the best thing you can do is invest in your education. A career in nursing has many requirements for continued education and skills you can only learn in classroom and training settings. Your investment, both financially and emotionally, will be critical, so develop a plan on how to execute this step throughout your nursing career.
  • Work with a mentor. Beyond a formal education, there is a lot you can learn from others in your field. Find someone in your area or through online networking who has been on a similar path to the career you want. Discuss their processes, experiences and what they did to get where they are today. You can learn from both their success stories and the mistakes they made along the way. They can even give you the tools you need to solve problems in your own career.
  • Expand your professional network. Networking is a skill most often associated with corporate jobs and environments, but meeting new people in the field is just as crucial for nurses. Attend industry events or use social media to expand your network to include individuals who may help you in the future. To effectively network, consider how you can be of help to someone as well and make connections between your contacts.
  • Take personal development seriously. There is a lot to be said about formal education, but it will only get you so far. Focusing on yourself and your development as a person will also help you achieve your long-term goals. Learning how to manage stress or communicate with others will allow you to provide better care to your patients and their families. It can also give you more satisfaction in your day-to-day duties. Make your work/life balance a priority to reduce stress. Take time to read self-improvement books as well.

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