How to Spot a Bad Candidate So They Don’t Become a Bad Hire


It’s okay to admit that hiring is hard, so it’s important you don’t make judgements too quickly or hire someone on the spot. There are certain red flags to look out for when interviewing potential candidates such as being unprepared, negative about past employers or leaving under bad circumstances. These red flags can help you weed out candidates who would not be a good fit for your company and make better overall hiring decisions. Before you make an offer, consider if your interviews tripped some of these flags. If they have, you may want to make a different decision.

The Interrupter

You may be frustrated if the candidate won’t let you finish a thought before they respond. This behavior probably isn’t reserved for the interview nor does it only happen when they’re nervous. This can indicate behavior that will influence how they work with others on the job. They may not think long enough about problems before trying to solve them. They may not have respect for other’s thoughts or their time. And they may be unwilling to collaborate. It may also indicate they feel like they need to exert their will in all interactions.

The Unexplainable Employment Gap

Having a resume gap is not the real problem. Many great candidates have experienced periods of unemployment. But the challenge is when the job seeker can’t explain the gap adequately. If they can’t tell you why they were out of work and what they were doing during that time, they may be hiding something important. They may avoid the question or provide a distracting answer so they don’t have to share details. A quality candidate will be ready with an answer of how they spent that time productively.

The Polar Opposite

It’s true, you shouldn’t hire in a bubble. While your company has a mission statement and a set of core values, hiring cookie-cutter employees will create an environment that lacks innovation or original thought. But core values are important, and you need to determine if a candidate can work within your existing framework. If their core values are the exact opposite of those your company embraces, it could become a problem in the workplace. Even if their skills are perfect and you like them personally, they may be unable to integrate to your corporate culture.

Are you concerned about interview red flags?

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