Get Your Top Employees Back on Track


Every now and then, even your best employees may find themselves going a little off track. That doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause or you need to give up on them. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s your responsibility as their manager to get their heads back in the game. Your best employees can make or break the long-term success of your company. Here are some tips to help get your team back on the right path.

  • Have a one-on-one meeting. One mistake managers sometimes make is calling behavior out in a public setting. They think they are sparing their employees’ feelings by not singling them out. Instead, this can breed resentment among the other employees who have not engaged in this behavior. Instead, talk to the employee one-on-one about the situation to discuss potential solutions.
  • Reassess the goals. If your top employees are off track, it might be caused by goals changing over time. It may be their personal goals are no longer similar to the company goals. It’s a good opportunity to reassess both sets of goals to ensure they’re still in line. If they are not, maybe you can make some alterations to get things back in the right direction.
  • Recognize their contributions. Sometimes top employees feel underappreciated. Because they are simply expected to do good work, they aren’t often recognized for the hard work they do. Don’t fall into this trap. Let your top employees know they are valued. Provide rewards for hard work and recognition of their contribution so the whole company can see.
  • Offer new projects or responsibilities. Finally, you may want to look at new opportunities for your top performers. They may be feeling stuck in a rut with their current duties or role. If you can, provide a promotion to help them move to the next level before they seek a new position elsewhere. Even if a promotion isn’t on the table, offer new assignments or responsibilities to help them refocus.

Do you want to get your top employees back in the game?

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