How to Make a Great Impression on Your First Day of Work


They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. That has never been more true than when you’re starting a brand new job. From the moment you arrive, your interaction with your new co-workers and attitude toward your new managers will be under scrutiny. So, how do you make the best possible first impression in a new job? Here are just a few tips to get you started.

  • Dress professionally. If you do nothing else, be sure you are dressed professionally in neat and clean clothes. Make sure the clothes are in good repair and unwrinkled. Even though business environments are becoming more casual overall, wearing professional clothes on your first day will demonstrate how serious you are. If the company does have a casual or business dress code, follow it but still be neat and presentable.
  • Have a positive attitude. Your overall attitude will also affect your interaction with your new boss or co-workers. If you act helpless or entitled, it will come across negatively. Don’t talk about problems you had at your last company or how much you dislike doing something. Don’t share personal information about any problems you’re having financially or at home. Keep all conversations positive and relevant.
  • Ask questions. Demonstrate you’re engaged with the training process. To do this, ask questions. As you’re being shown the office, ask about where things are kept or how to do certain general office tasks. Throughout the day, if you have questions you’re unable to ask right away, write them down so you can be sure to as soon as you have an opportunity.
  • Take notes. Write down notes to help you retain the information you’re receiving throughout training. This way, you won’t be asking the same questions repeatedly. It will also show your trainer you’re paying attention and taking the process seriously. You will be able to access your notes even if it is a few days before you handle a similar task. Taking notes will help you retain information.

Do you want to make the best first impression on a new job?

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