Why Are Regular Staff Meetings Important?


Poorly managed meetings can feel like they’re just a big waste of time, but they don’t have to be. In fact, a well-run team meeting can be essential for your company’s success. There are a lot of reasons regular staff meetings are important. They keep everyone informed, solve problems or concerns, and make sure all your goals are being achieved. So how do you run an effective staff meeting? Here are some suggestions.

  • Create an agenda. The first step to establishing a good protocol for your meeting is to create an agenda. A meeting that gets derailed won’t be productive. Instead, create an agenda ahead of the meeting and ensure everyone sticks to it without devolving into random check-ins and other non-essential matters.
  • Start on time. Always start on time. Even if you’re still waiting for some people to join, don’t sit idle while you wait for them and don’t start over when they arrive. Establish that your meetings will always be on time. This will encourage people to arrive promptly if they miss crucial information at the beginning and aren’t filled in on their terms.
  • Address direct questions. If someone has a direct question about the meeting topic, address it in the meeting. Otherwise, let them know you’re happy to talk with them outside the meeting. They can approach you in your office or send you an email with their additional questions. Otherwise, keep all questions related to the agenda.
  • Keep it short. Finally, don’t allow your meetings to go too long. When they are too long, they begin to eat into the productivity of your staff. Keep the agenda and the time short. Use it as a way to keep tabs on the project and communicate information. Otherwise, anything unrelated needs to be kept for non-meeting times.

Do you want to run more efficient staff meetings?

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