Why You Need to Customize Your Resume for the Position


You’ve probably heard the advice over and over again. You know you need to customize your resume every time you send it. But that’s a lot of work and the information is all the same, so why bother? The truth is, your resume is the only chance you get at a first impression, so it’s imperative you make the most of it. So, why should you customize your resume? Here are a few reasons to get you started.

To stand out from your competition.

If you imagine that most people are sending the same general resume formats to every job, then most resumes will start to blend together after a while. To ensure yours rises to the top, customize it to be more in line with what the company is looking for in their new employee.

To demonstrate your qualifications for this job.

We couldn’t tell you how many times we get resumes that are wildly unqualified for a job. Sometimes it’s okay to shoot for the stars and hope for an opportunity, but hiring managers and recruiters have enough on their plates than comb through dozens of resumes that don’t match the job description. If you match the job description, be sure to showcase that.

To showcase your interest in their opportunity.

Customizing your resume also proves you’re paying attention, and hiring managers like that. They want to hire someone who is interested in their job, not just any job. By creating a resume that is focused on only their company, you can set yourself apart and show how interested you are.

To make the most of keywords.

Of course, not all resumes are reviewed by human beings in the first stages. Many companies and staffing agencies use applicant tracking systems that upload resumes so they can be searched using keywords. By using the job description as a map, you can include keywords in the resume so you come out on top in searches. Work them into your resume fluidly, don’t just list a whole bunch at the end.

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