Benefits to Getting Organized at Work

Organization plays a vital role in establishing order and supporting productive, efficient work. With the right systems in place, not only will your work day run more smoothly, you and your coworkers will feel better. The sooner you and your team get it together, the sooner you will reap these benefits.

Be Proud

A tidy workspace sends a message to others about how they view their jobs. Workers who are proud of their working environment are more likely to stick to processes, to organize their own space, clean up after themselves, work more effectively as a team player. Organization can also decrease workplace stress and resentment.

Be Professional

A neat, organized office sends your coworkers and clients a message that they are dealing with a professional. It demonstrates dedication, attention to detail, cleanliness, thoroughness and a sense of reliability. If a workplace reflects an attitude that employees don’t care or don’t take their jobs seriously, new clients might take their business elsewhere.

Be Safe and Healthy

Stacked boxes, piles of papers and disorganized or improperly stored materials can create safety and health concerns that can, in turn, increase workers’ compensation claims. Clear the floor, main areas of traffic flow and steps or stairs of objects that could cause someone to trip. Clean up spills when they happen to reduce slips and falls. Remove unnecessary items that contribute to clutter. An organized office that is easier to move around in will make employees feel safer, too.

Be Efficient

Increase employee efficiency by eliminating workplace chaos. A work environment with everything in its place invites workers to be productive, reduces frustration and saves time — especially because employees spend less time looking for things. When you establish an efficient workplace, you establish structure that sets workers up to win. Workers who meet their goals are more likely to contribute to maintaining office systems and structure.

Be a better employee and team-player by getting organized.

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