Why Your Company Needs Top Tier Talent Management

It’s time to rethink the recruiting game. Quality always wins in the battle for top talent, and that means putting greater emphasis on attracting passive candidates – those candidates not seeking your opportunities.

Through serious research, validated science, and tested and proven processes, PSG identifies high-quality hires right from the beginning of the hiring process. Our Professional Search service can help you staff high-level positions that have proved difficult to fill. Our results are clear, measurable and guaranteed:

  • PSG’s advanced search with specialization identifies top-tier talent outside our market area.
  • PSG’s independent ownership means flexibility with “home court advantage” that cuts costs and outperforms the competition.
  • ProApproach Recruitment Process is Design, Execute, and Place:
    • In-depth analysis of client, position, and industry to design strategy of search.
    • Search, execution, identification of qualified candidates within strategy time frames.
    • Progress reports verifying activity throughout search.
  • ProApproach Candidate Evaluation ensures time invested only on qualified candidates.
  • Consultative candidate summary presentation with video if desired.
  • Follow through with salary negotiation, onboarding or relocation support services.
  • PSG Value Guarantee

Whether your organization needs to cultivate a high volume of prospects or is struggling to compete for hard-to-find talent, there are more options than ever available to inform, engage, and build relationships with both active and passive candidates in your recruiting efforts and set in place a plan and process to sustain ongoing talent engagement.

Research studies have shown time and again that the period prior to employment and within the first 90 days on the job is the most critical to building engagement and employee loyalty – and resulting in retention of better performers. We work closely with you to understand company goals and then translate these goals into staffing needs, expected employee performance, and skills and knowledge that employees must have to achieve short and long term company goals.

Your organization can achieve the staffing results of top-performing organizations. PSG can help you get there. Let’s start today.