Workplace Communication Tip — Week 9

“Celebration is the heart of gratitude—feeling grateful for what you and others have done to create the world more to your liking.”
– Ike Lasater, Words That Work In Business

A Job Well Done

Sometimes we get so caught up in naming behaviors that “need improvement” that we forget to celebrate a job well done. Even seemingly simple accomplishments like a conversation, a meeting, or a team interaction that went especially well are worth celebrating.

Unfortunately, sometimes our celebration stops with a simple phrase like “thank you,” or “good job,” neither of which provide any concrete understanding of what you’re being thanked for.

Rather than just celebrate the accomplishment with a simple “thank you,” or “good job,” NVC offers a framework to engage in a more meaningful celebration, right at the level of needs.

Let’s say you’re celebrating an encounter you had with an angry customer, and you’re especially satisfied with your ability to defuse the customer using empathy. As you recall this interaction, ask yourself, “How do I feel and which of my needs are met as a result of what I did?”

You might answer, “I feel satisfied and confident because the customer expressed she like how I listened to her and that she believed I care about her situation. My need for contribution and integrity were really fed with this conversation.”

What recent interaction or accomplishment do you want to celebrate?


Mindful Practice for the Week

This week identify something you want to celebrate at the level of needs. Use the steps described above to communicate this celebration to yourself or others. Notice any change you experience as a result of using a needs-based celebration instead of a simple “good job.”