10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing: Week 3: Limit Benefits Expense

From the assembly line to the executive office, effective staffing is essential. Professional Staffing Group has the tools you need to maximize profitability.

In this series, you will learn ten practical strategies for using staffing to reduce overhead, manage operating costs and improve organizational performance. This is Week 3 in the series. Click here for Week 1 and Week 2.

Strategy #3: Limit Benefits Expense

On average, benefits cost 20%-25% in excess of payroll expenses. Where appropriate, use temporary and payrolled employees (employees who are paid through a staffing firm like Professional Staffing Group) to eliminate benefits expense.

Benefits typically add 30-35% on top of payroll costs—and for some companies they can total more than 50 percent! To limit benefits expenses, maintain a smaller core staff and add short-term capacity to your team with payrolled and temporary employees. Most temporary employees receive only limited benefits, which are paid by the staffing service.

This option is most often used for interns, project professionals, and other short-term employers.

Using temporary and payrolled employees in place of independent contractors will also reduce your employment risks. To avoid exposure for worker’ compensation and unemployment claims, hire short-term and project staff through Professional Staffing Group.

A well-staffed business allows your employees to do their best work. Professional Staffing Group can help you build a team that will give you the best chance of remaining successful in today’s competitive marketplace. Contact us today at 601.981.1658 or info@prostaffgroup.com.

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