7 Ways to Cultivate Workplace Culture

Everybody’s talking about workplace culture – but what is it?

Workplace culture is the set of values your company runs on and the impact those values have on what it’s like to work at your company.

Everyone knows that working for Google is different from working for IBM. Working for Nike is different from working for Zappos.  Each of these companies has a unique culture which defines them. It attracts specific kinds of job seekers and creates a template that defines who will be a good fit for the organization.

How Can You Define and Cultivate Your Workplace Culture?

Think Big.  You have a vision – long-range goals for your company. Share your dreams with your employees.  People at every level within an organization are more invested in its success when they understand the big picture.

Create the Right Space. If you want to encourage a collaborative workspace, provide an open atmosphere where it’s easy to bounce ideas around. If people need to be able to think in peace, insulate them from noise and interruptions.

Hire People Who Fit the Culture. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t welcome diversity – quite the opposite. It’s bringing together people of all walks of life with varied talents and skill sets working toward a common goal that drives your success.

Promote Work/Life Balance. Flexible hours or telecommuting can help, but it needs to go deeper. Take interests in people’s talents – even the ones that don’t come into play during the workday. People who have hobbies or interests like sports, art or music bring a level of dedication and problem solving ability to the workspace that should be encouraged.

Engage With the Community. Adopt a charity or an issue that’s important to you. Become known in the community for the ways that you contribute. For example, if you’re a tech firm, volunteer to teach basic computer skills to kids or the unemployed.

Encourage the Sharing of Ideas. Have frequent brainstorming sessions and implement any viable suggestions.  It’s critical that some of the ideas generated are allowed to take root or innovative thinkers will just stop coming forward.

Don’t let problems fester. Ditch uncomfortable chairs, get rid of underperforming employees. Address any chronic negativity. Don’t go let little things turn into big things.

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