Why You Should Double-Down on Your Job Search During the Holidays

You have presents to buy, Christmas cookies to eat, eggnog to drink. Why should you waste this time of holiday cheer scrutinizing your resume or combing the internet for jobs? No one’s hiring this time of year anyway, right?


This is the prime time of year to focus on your search. Here’s why:

You Have Time

Many businesses slow down this time of year. With a lighter workload at your current job, you’re less likely to need to work overtime or take work home. Use that extra time on evenings and weekends to conduct your search. If you have a few personal days to burn, use them to schedule interviews.

You’ll Have Less Competition

Many job seekers may not be as savvy as you are. They put their search on the back burner over the holidays because they are distracted by parties and other activities or believe that companies aren’t hiring until after the first of the year.

Companies Are Looking

Many companies plan to add more people after the first of the year. But when do you think they post and interview for those jobs? December. This is the time to throw your hat in the ring. If you wait until after the ball drops, you may be too late.

It’s a Great Time to Network.

You’re bound to be invited to a holiday party or two. Maybe go to once a year event to catch up with acquaintances you haven’t seen in a while. Talk to people about their business. Don’t whip out your resume at a cocktail party, but the economy is improving and people are more eager to talk business than they have been in years. Make mental notes about potential opportunities you uncover and follow up.

Reach Decision Makers Directly

Employees may be using up their vacation days in December. That means a better chance that their bosses are answering their own phones. Try calling just before or after business hours to maximize your chance of reaching someone in charge.

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