How Temporary Talent Can Improve Office Culture

Encouraging a positive workplace culture is key to running a smooth ship. Improving the workplace culture and environment at the office can be challenging at times, especially if the industry or culture is negative to begin with. However, one way to take a step in the right direction to hire temporary workers to fill empty positions or to cover for employees on leave.

Some might wonder what temporary workers can bring to the table in terms of culture improvement, but they actually have a lot to offer a company. We’ll discuss that in this post.

Temporary Employees Work Extremely Hard

For the most part, temporary workers earn their income moving from job to job. This means that they do not like to stay with the same company for prolonged periods. They enjoy the constant change and introduction to new people. For these reasons, temporary workers will provide companies with hard work each day they are on the job.

This is one way to increase culture. Your permanent employees will take notice and won’t want to be outshined by nomadic workers. Use this to your company’s advantage; let your employees know how much they are appreciated and that you want them offering just as much as temporary workers offer.

Flexibility is a Key Trait

When it comes improving the culture of your company, temporary workers offer greater flexibility. Temps know that they will only be with a company for a period of weeks or months, and not the long-haul, which makes them a little more open to flexibility. This flexibility can be seen in scheduling, which projects they work on and which co-workers they work with while in the office.

Temps know that their time is limited, so they do not invest emotionally, which means that relationships in the office do no matter as much to them as permanent workers. When you have flexible employees on your staff, the attitude changes and the culture improves.

Positive Attitudes Abound

One of the most common traits of temporary workers is their positive attitudes. Temporary workers are happier because they do not need to deal with workplace politics for years on end or sit next to the same boorish co-worker for 20 years. Temporary workers love what they do and how it gets done. They have a natural affinity for what they do, which is why their positive attitude can be such a strong influence on the culture of your company.

Team Collaboration
When your employees are willing to work in teams, it can do wonders for company culture. Many companies like to hire temporary employees for the sole purpose of putting together a team for a project. The temporary worker might even serve as the team leader for the project based on his or her background. The ability to work in a team can be the difference between a strong corporate culture and a poor one.

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