Three People You Need to Ask for Resume Feedback From

Searching for a new job can be an exciting time, filled with much anticipation. Whether you are a new college grad or a mid-life career changer, you are likely in the process of writing a resume to “wow” potential hiring managers. From formatting the actual resume document to including the right keywords and phrases that will get you in the door for an interview, the resume writing process can be tedious and confusing at best.

However, in your haste of trying to get this accomplished so you can send your resume out there, do not forget one very important step: Getting your resume reviewed by a few additional pairs of eyes. Why is this important? For one, you could have some awkward wordage included on your resume. Worse yet, you may have added information that’s erroneous—like grammatical errors, odd dates of employment, or other problems.

Experts recommend that you have your resume looked over by at least three trusted sources of career support, before you send it out. So, who are these people you need to ask for resume feedback from?

#1 – A Professional Resume Writer

There are various sources that say you can write a resume on your own by simply downloading a freebie template off the Internet and plugging your information in. Trouble is, that’s what a lot of other job seekers are doing so how can your resume stand out? Look for a certified professional resume writer (someone who is trained and qualified to write resumes) to help you improve your current resume and cover letter. Oftentimes, you can get a free review, which can get you on the right track.

#2 – An Industry Mentor or Career Coach

Just as you would so seek a counselor for life advice or a car mechanic to help you maintain your vehicle, your career needs the guidance of a seasoned career coach or mentor too. As early as possible in your career development, seek out a mentor in your field of interest. Or hire a career coach (again look for a certified professional) and have this person look over your resume carefully. You will be surprised and happy with the insight you can gain this way, and your resume will be that much better.

#3 – Your Temporary Staffing Representative

Imagine how much more helpful your temporary staffing agency in Jackson MS can be if you give them a chance to review your resume? In fact, many times your staffing representative can give you several pointers for making it better. Why? Because they have the knowledge of what the companies they work with are looking for in candidates and if you have the qualifications, they can help you get a foot in the door! Always ask for a resume review and feedback whenever possible.

The above tips can help you become a more effective job seeker with a great resume that will grab the attention of the best hiring companies. Be sure to ask these three people to review your resume in advance of applying for any jobs.