Benefits of Investing In Workforce Development Programs

Workforce development: it’s expensive, it takes time away from the job, and it gives employees big ideas. It encourages ambition. Why should you pay to give your employees skills that will make them more attractive to the competition?

The answer, of course, is that those skills will also make them more attractive to you. Who couldn’t use better-skilled employees? And the sweet kicker is that if you give your employees the opportunity to develop their skills and increase their knowledge base under your roof, they will feel valued. And that is just what will make them want to stay.

Which is exactly what you want.

You’ve already invested in your staff simply by the resources you’ve directed toward their hiring and supervision. They know more about your company, its strengths and weaknesses, its goals and its position in the market than anybody else.

Think of it another way: if you have a job opening, which is more expensive and time-consuming: hiring from outside, or hiring from within?

Your company’s employees—your workforce—are your greatest asset. And you can better hang onto that asset and increase its value by giving your people a chance to learn and grow. Here are a few steps you should consider following.

  • Develop a set of potential in-house career maps. Take your organizational chart and trace potential paths for growth within the company, based on various skill sets. Clarify what skills will be needed to move from one level to the next.
  • Start an in-house career development center. Build a resource library of references relevant to your field. Create opportunities for employees to speak with HR staff about what skills they might need to advance, and what opportunities are available.
  • Create a mentoring program that offers recognition to employees who teach and offer guidance to other employees. The secret of mentoring is that both parties benefit: the mentor and the mentee. And the relationships that develop across department lines and up and down the organizational chart will strengthen your company.
  • Recognize skills development. The workplace and the market change fast in today’s world, and if your workforce is not changing with the times, then they are stagnating and holding you back. Your employees need to learn and grow simply in order for your company to keep pace. So give them some incentive: employee recognition, special privileges, and, when warranted, pay increases and promotions. Send a message that will ripple outward through the company: we support growth and change.

An employer that supports employee development, self-improvement and advancement is an employer that people want to work for. Invest in workforce development, and you’ll not only hang onto your people longer, you’ll find recruiting easier.

And when you’re looking to hire, Professional Staffing Group can connect you with high-quality job-seekers who will recognize the benefits of what you offer your employees. Give us a call today to see how we can help your company!