Employers Need to Prep for Interviews too! Here’s what to do.

When a job candidate really means business, they’ll do everything possible to prepare for an interview. They’ll wear their nicest, most professional-looking clothes, make sure their hair and grooming are top-notch, and arrive with plenty of time to spare. And most importantly, they’ll be prepared to answer any question that comes their way. A hiring employer should put the same level of attention into making the right decisions about who to bring into the company.

Here are a few ways you as an employer can prepare for interviews.

Focus On The Interview

Making the right hires and building the right company culture is one of the most important things you can do to make your company successful. With that in mind, it only makes sense to focus your full attention on such a vital task. Take yourself out of the office to a quieter location, removing yourself from all distractions and making sure your time is free from interruptions. Get away from your computer and your office phone, silence your smartphone, and focus on what’s really important.

Ask Only The Important Questions, Let Them Respond

A common interview mistake is to do all of the talking without giving the candidates enough time to sell themselves. An interview is an intense situation for both parties, and nervous chatter can bury natural pauses and opportunities for in-depth probing. Determine what you want in a hire before the interview, and stick to questions and follow-ups designed to determine whether or not a candidate possesses those qualities. A good interview should see the candidate doing at least 85 percent of the talking, giving you more information upon which to base your decision.

Don’t Rush Into An Offer

Never offer anyone a job on the spot in an interview, no matter how well it went. Make sure to review all your potential options. Even if you are totally blown away by someone’s interview, follow up and check their references. This avoids an embarrassing rescinded job offer if they aren’t quite everything you thought they were.

Being prepared going into interviews is just smart practice for your business. Ask our recruiting experts how we can help you make your time with potential employees really count, or about any of the staffing solutions we can offer your business.