Happiness Is Leading Factor of Workplace Influence


This article by Crystal Miller is the fourth in a great series on influence.Happiness


Most people see being successful within their jobs, their careers, as being critical to successfully maintaining that which is important to them in life: healthy socioeconomic statuses. Several things comprise that status: family, relationships, faith, work, health, money, etc… but, according to the first World Happiness Report put together for the April 2012 UN’s “Conference on Happiness,” instability in our employment cause as much unhappiness as bereavement or separation. So we allow ourselves to be influenced by those that we believe will help us in our endeavors to maintain that stability. As it relates to influence, the key word is ‘allow.’ We must follow the directives of our superiors; which is why positional power that comes by “authority” only has just a marginal level of influence and limited effectiveness. When that influence level is reached, regardless of position; then those allowing themselves to be influenced have faith that following the influencer’s advice, agenda, or lead will help them achieve or maintain professional happiness in some manner. More:bloggingforjobs.com