Local Hiring is Trending UP, Folks, Let’s Get YOU Ready For That Interview


Interview?  Exciting and NERVE-RACKING! You know the time and location – have you Googled the company/firm? The first step, even before hair and dress/suit selection, is getting to know the particulars of the company.  Research the company website.  Look at their executives. Study the job description. 

Start to prepare – consider that most HR professionals use the STAR method for interviewing:
Situation: A recent challenge or situation is which you found yourself.
Task: What did you have to achieve?
Action: What did you do? And what were the alternatives.
Results: What was the outcome of your actions? And did you meet your objectives.

Other types of questions may include “your thoughts on your greatest accomplishment.”  “How do you handle stress?” “What do you feel your qualifications are for this position?”

Think thru your experiences, practice your answers.  Combine your experiences at different employers. Write down ideas as they come to you.

On the day of the interview, arrive early, smile.  Now – RELAX – Take a BREATH. Be sure to listen, if you feel yourself talking too much – shift into neutral and refocus on really listening. Be truthful.  Mostly – Be YOURSELF!

We’re ready to set up that interview – let’s do it!  Give us a shout – www.prostaffgroup.com.
Posted by Elizabeth Robinson – PSG Team Member by Day and Glass Artist by night.